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okapi measures impact and captures leads at every event, speaking engagement, or webinar.

okapi is a turn-key data collection, reporting and scheduling platform built to measure ROI and improve decision-making by managing all your in-person meetings, trainings, activations and events.

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Event Survey Software - Long Form


Event-Based Surveys

Measure the impact of your meetings, trainings, activations and events by surveying attendees and instantly reporting progress.

Event ROI

Enable real-time decision making by measuring ROI for all your campaigns and events. 


Track and analyze your success and opportunities for improvement with customizable dashboards, reports and data exports.



Incentivize participation by sharing presentation decks, documents, coupons, specials offers, or sales collateral.

Schedule & Teams

Plan your events, assign team members, and manage your master or team member schedules from a single application. 


Lead Gen

Collect and tag leads from every event, speaking engagement, trade-show booth, customer event, webinar, or micro-activity. No badge scanner required.



Never miss a lead by integrating your CRM or marketing automation platform - let your sales and marketing teams immediately engage with every prospect. 


Store all your documents, contracts, maps, photos, and videos in a single, centralized location.

Do you know the the ROI of your thought leadership? 

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