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by learning how to “moneyball” your event marketing ROI.

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In 2002, the Oakland A’s won the same number of games as the New York Yankees. The difference? The A’s only spent $260,000 per win, while the Yankees spent $1.4 million per win. How did they do it? Data. Comparative data, data analysis, and data-driven decisions. And since that year, every team has been using data and analytics to be as efficient and successful as possible. Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s changed the game forever.

You’re in the game of event marketing to change something as well. Maybe it’s your sales results, or the perception of your brand, or your company’s training success.  Or maybe you’re trying to change the world.

We’re here to change something, too. When it comes to experiential marketing, we’re here to change the game of data collection and analytics itself because we believe you deserve to win.

Are you ready to learn how you can apply the moneyball line of thinking to your event program and take the guesswork out of event ROI?

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